Thursday, August 17, 2006

Madame Arcati is on holiday

Yes, the withered but sharp-eyed Madame is away now and back Aug 26. But send her your emails and stories and she will employ some form of divination to assess veracity on her return.
Meanwhile say a prayer for the poor fellow withered old stick Kelvin Mackenzie. He thinks George Michael should be served an ASBUM (a homo ASBO - joke! How I laughed!) and made to clear up Hampstead Heath after polluting it with his vile practices, a proposal inspired by Boy George's NY sweep up.
This is a most uncharacteristically restrained expression of wit by Mackenzie. Surely George should wear a Pink Triangle as he serves his ASBUM and plucks condoms off London trees. I can't imagine why Mackenzie holds back. He really should just give full and uncensored vent to his ancient prejudices and thereby make it easier for the authorities to clap him up in some secure unit.

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