Monday, August 14, 2006

Jodie in Jersey

Jodie Marsh exercises a fascination over the Brits quite out of proportion to her celeb wattage though in keeping with the luminosity of her grouted fangs. Now an honoured fan of this embryonic site sends me this item. My thanks.

Hi Madame A,
I don't think Mizz Marsh's lawyers will be in touch any time soon. There's a bit more to this story than I first thought. Before Jodes was booed off the parade, the organisers tried to cancel her appearance at the island's top fun event according to the Jersey Evening Post but her management (gosh, I bet they're not overworked) refused.
To make it up to Jodes, the island's Economic Development Minister Philip Ozouf stepped into try to limit the damage by organising a programme of events including a visit to the Women's Refuge. He had to beg islanders to restore Jersey's reputation for a warm welcome. Not surprisingly, her diary of public appearances on is empty for the rest of the year.

I shall be sending my link to the Jersey tourist board and demanding an apology for this insult to our Jodes.

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