Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Douglas on a movie racket

Interesting insight into Michael Douglas' attitude to the movie trade. A friend interviewed him lately for his new film The Sentinel and he was asked if he'd ever hire out his voice for an animation:
He laughs: “Are you kidding? For a start, it doesn’t PAY so much as real acting, and you are never offered a profit share, and then I think that the animation companies are taking the Mick when they ask you if you can loan your physical movements to an animated character…and it’s not even you up there. It’s – to me – a racket. So yes, I would LOVE to do it for the kids, for my children, but NOT for the studio. And they put you through the emotional wringer when they say ‘OH, Michael, please do it for us, Cerys and Dylan will LOVE it’. That’s just blackmail!”

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