Monday, September 10, 2007

Klaxons rubbish Guardian at Mercurys

Last week's Mercurys seemed to be civilisedly uneventful but for Amy Winehouse kindly returning to form and the prize going to the brilliant Klaxons - certainly the Guardian's report of September 5 would have us believe so. But I learn matters were less pacific. Teletext's Show Spy [click here] runs a short report of a red carpet row - and now someone sends me a fuller version which I am happy to reprint here:

"There was the usual red carpet scrum, with each Klaxon talking to a different reporter. The woman from The Guardian (who was an idiot) introduced herself to bassist Jamie Reynolds, who instantly yelled along the lines of “The Guardian? You’ve got a fucking nerve talking to us after that review of our album. That twat obviously never even listened to the album.” At which point, singer James Righton – who had been talking to a reporter on the Star – broke off from his interview to join in haranguing Guardian girl.

"After a good minute of this, James turned back to the Star woman and said: “Sorry about that. I don’t mind people slagging our band off, but I expected better from the Guardian. I read it and I was gutted that they let some prick review it when he hadn’t even taken the CD out of the sleeve.”

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Anonymous said...

Check out the Klaxons on mtvU and make sure to vote for them for the Left Field Woodie