Friday, September 28, 2007

Eric Roberts - Julia, call girls and Batman

I bump into my good friend and Julia Roberts’ brother actor Eric Roberts, currently in London essaying villainy in the next Batman movie.

“Visited any call girls, darling?” I ask. “They’re very fashionable right now what with Billie Piper stretching her snatch as the Belle de Jour tart on TV.”

“Nah – but everyone needs sex, y’know. They should legalise prostitution – it would make it more affordable.”

“I soooooooo agree,” I say. “The state loses a fortune in unpaid National Insurance, too.”

“Y’know I run a call girl service – nah, just kiddin’!”

I giggle. “How’s Julia? She played a very nice call girl in Pretty Woman.”

“She played a prostitute who never put out - amazing. Man, that movie should have been a sitcom.”

“Oh Eric, you’re incorrigible – she’ll be so cross to read that.”

“I’m over-paid, over-respected and I’m over here, that’s all I know.”

"You're playing the villain in Batman then."

"I love playing villains - you get the best cars, the best clothes, the best women - and then you get to die."


Duralex said...

Wow, classy ! You could have asked him how he managed to escape the H.G.C. (Hollywood Gay Curse) Halperin talks about.

Anonymous said...
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