Monday, September 17, 2007

PFD: Micheal and Caroline and Jeanette and Pat (& Peggy)

One of my regular readers - one who doesn't just write when I put up a Kevin Spacey piece! - reminds me that while I am happy to reveal that Michael Heseltine and Caroline Michel enjoyed time together as special friends, Michel's rival Pat Kavanagh (wife of Julian Barnes) had a relationship with one of her star authors Jeanette Winterson. This latter story is well known, at least it is in some circles, but the Heseltine/Michel friendship is known only to a tiny circle, and as for the mainstream media - I don't know what they know. It's thought that the Kavanagh/Winterson relationship inspired Winterson's novel Written on the Body, published in 1992 and dedicated "to Peggy Reynolds with love." Certainly there's never a dull moment at PFD.


Anonymous said...

Michael won't sue - he's sanguine about it.

Anonymous said...

"- one who doesn't just write when I put up a Kevin Spacey piece! -"

Try the Snow-Williams thing again, you'll see.

Anonymous said...

At last an explanation of why Mistress Winterson's work continues to be published.

Vaguely interesting that J. Barnes Duffy books (written under the nom de plume Dan Kavanagh) feature a bisexual hero.