Saturday, September 08, 2007

Nesta Wyn Ellis: A letter from Paris ...

The former Prime Minister John Major's biographer Nesta Wyn Ellis (pictured here as singer Yzabel, also known in Paris as La Sirène) kindly writes, presumably from Paris ... for more on Nesta follow the labels below ... to hear Yzabel sing click here ...

Dear Madame,
I have just been enjoying your blog of August 8th and following up various leads and stories. I could become a real addict and will read further blogs with enthusiasm. Thank you also for plugging my website in such a flattering way. I am happy to tell you that we have recently updated the site and improved the photo display. We have also changed our domain so only the old site is coming up on the link supplied in your wonderful blog.

You and your readers can now access the improved website at the same address [Click here]. Fresh news will be posted shortly about the publication of two novels and a volume of verse (delayed) for which you were kind enough to supply a review.

If I send you the novels in their edited form perhaps you would also be kind enough to review them. I have a SPAM tsunami on my bankersdaughter e mail address and I am using this one for the moment.

Looking forward to more of your flattering comments about NWE.

Best wishes,


Dear Nesta,
Thank you for your kind remarks and I shall of course update the link to your website - as well as review your work. I would love to interview you at some point - your thoughts on David Cameron and other political leaders - past and present - are of especial interest.
Best wishes


lavinia said...

I can assure you, Madame, that this woman is entireely unknown in Paris. You must mean Letter from Timbuctoo

Madame Arcati said...

Now Lavinia, that's naughty of you. Nesta is quite well known in Londres - the Palace of Westminster especially, one of whose members once dubbed her novel The Banker's Daughter, The Bonker's Daughter - and other parts of the UK.

Curious said...

You move in strange circles, Madame. And your incorrigibility knows no limit.