Monday, September 10, 2007

Robert Tewdwr Moss: When John McVicar wanted him

The 11th anniversary of the murder of Robert Tewdwr Moss prompts a most interesting memory from the deputy editor of the Oxford Mail, Toby Granville:

Dear Madame,

I was shocked to hear of Robert's passing, particularly the circumstances, when I stumbled upon a report about him online several years later.

I didn't know Robert well, I just met him a handful of times while he was freelancing at the Sunday People magazine where I started life as the office slave.

During one of the regular four hour lunch breaks when the rest of the team went to a wine bar or down the Stab to get steamed, I was ordered to stay and answer the phones which never rang. On one of these days Robert bustled into the office, absolutely terrified, with sweat dripping all the way through his bohemian suit.

Suddenly, and unusually, all the office phones started ringing.

'Don't answer them' he exclaimed, as he shuddered against the wall of the office, dabbing his forehead with a hanky.

As they continued to ring, he revealed that one of London's most dangerous men, legendary bank blggger John McVicar was 'hunting him down' for something he wrote about him in the broadsheets that he wasn't too pleased about.

I picked up each phone, then another, and each time I was greeted with the ferocious tone of Britain's formerly most wanted, demanding to know where 'that Tewdwr Moss' was.

'He knows I'm here!' screamed Robert, as he fled from the office, darting down the corridor, with his hands flapping in the air.

It is the only memory I have of him, but a cherished, and hilarious memory nonetheless.

All the best, Toby

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