Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rupert Murdoch finds his writerly Riefenstahl

A few weeks ago I joked that Michael Wolff's recent Vanity Fair piece on Rupert Murdoch read like a job application. How psychic of me! Now I learn, belatedly it must be said, that Wolff has landed a great gig - writing Murdoch's biography for about £750k. Rupes will have crumpled his creped mug into what some might call a wry smile at Wolff's little piece of adjectivally-enhanced hagiography - or penetrative arse-licking to give it its proper term. No wonder our age's leading Islamophobe is happy to cooperate in the birth of a semi-authorised apologia. Wolff has a child in the employ of Rupes by the way - a useful hostage on the perilous march to 2009 publication.

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