Friday, September 07, 2007

Lynda La Plante - 'Bloody immigrants!'

I’ve only just noticed that Lynda La Plante is turning into Paul Dacre. She’s pushing her new novel Clean Cut [Click here] and relates her research method - snipping out newspaper stories that have appalled her. “I’m turning into Victor Meldrew,” says the copper hair-dyed virago, “because I just keep saying ‘I don’t believe it!’ I use actual newspaper headlines in my novels, I don’t make anything up. The stories too, I just change the names and a few details. There was the story of the 82-year-old woman with cancer and no hospital bed could be found for her. She’s paid her National Insurance all her life and no bed can be found! Yet immigrants who’ve paid nothing find hospital beds. I know I’m a demented ferret, I even shout at the TV at what I see …” I think the Mail should sign up this woman forthwith and give the more moderate Allison Pearson time to marry her live-in lover.

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