Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pompeii Down!, Madonna Down! Open, Up!

1. Sad to hear that Roman Polanski has quit directing movie Pompeii. All sorts of reasons have been given for this ranging from failure to develop a tentpole script for a massive return on the $100m investment to the hot weather this year in south Italy - which is a bit like moaning about the chill in Siberia. Last I visited Pompeii in this incarnation I noticed that rival cartographers - at least three at the last count - had mapped the ruins differently so you didn't really know where you were. I thought of writing a comedy about it - mainly for the location pleasures - but then thought better of it.

2. Madonna dragged out of a Bloc Party gig in a headlock? Hard to believe.

3. Going to the Open magazine [click here] launch tonight incognito - a new arts/media online mag with a populist approach, and horoscopes. My kind of mag: culture and trash all in one. Then the New Statesman party on Thursday, incognito again, where I shall ask where's their brilliant arts diary.

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SUSAN said...

Maybe OPEN will ask Duncan F to write for them after he was sacked from FIRST POST for no good reason.