Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Burning of Margaret Hodge effigy 2007

In an extra ordinary art performance artist Mark McGowan is to burn an effigy of Margaret Hodge, the Minister of State for Industry and the Regions at the Department of Trade and Industry. In a protest over her comments saying that established British families should be given priority over economic migrants for council housing.

McGowan says: "What she said was wrong and she should leave her job or be sacked but nothing has happened. I am burning the effigy which will be tied to a stake, a bit like how a witch would be burned as a form of artistic protest on Camberwell Green in South London this Saturday 16th June at 12 o clock midday and hopefully lots of people will come along and witness this burning, I am going back to olden times when things like this could happen. As regards the effigy I am getting some clothes from a charity shop, stuffing them with newspaper, making a head, sticking a photograph of Margaret Hodge onto it, then with a lighted torch I set fire to it, I promise you it will be really exciting, fire is brilliant, a real rouser. Obviously, this piece is sensational, but intentionally so."

For more info call Mark McGowan on 07944533010

This event is part of Camberwell Arts Festival and is supported by Arts Council, England, Southwark Council, Lottery Funded and many other organisations.


Anonymous said...

Oh let them all come in. Let's destroy the place. Let's become third world. To have a civilised country is elitist

Anonymous said...

Madame A, you are a wonderful human being but I don't understand your obsession with this mediocrity Mark McGowan. I mean, this is a guy who thinks 'art' is pushing a baked bean along a road with his nose and 'keying' cars which don't belong to him. Why give him the oxygen of publicity?