Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Allison Pearson: Please call Fergie now!

Allison Pearson! I'm talking to you! Last time you starred on this site it was over that non-marriage of yours - though perhaps you have tied the knot since. But you did then have the good grace to send me a note confirming your (non-) marital status - well, I assume it was you. Now you've called Princess Beatrice a fatso in your Mail column and incurred the flame-haired wrath of her mummy, Duchess Fergie, who says you haven't returned her phone messages and not even RSVP'd her yummy lunch invites to discuss your offence. This is graceless.

As I write, there are 102 pages-worth of comments on the Sky News site in response to this major developing story. Here's a sample:

"Anyone actually put the two pictures together? That of Allison Pearson and Princess Bea ? Whereas one is quite slim, sophisticated looking and attractive the other is not - easy choice but make your own mind up ... "

"Now I think of it, is the Daily Mail not the paper Keira Knightley sued because one of their editorials blamed her for being too thin and causing some teenager's anorexia?"

"Is it any wonder that so many girls battle eating disorders??? Beatrice is a beautiful NORMAL and HEALTHY girl and is put down for it, girls read that and think they have to look like Nicole Richie or the Olsen twins to be considered 'thin'. Those reporters should be ashamed of themselves."

Allison, stop hiding. See Fergie then write up the encounter as a play or something in the Mail. Oh, and here's your choochy face ...


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you give oxygen to this crap. It all goes towards the Mail's marketing campaign - more publicity the better for Pearson.

Anonymous said...

Pearson is atrocious

Anonymous said...

The Mail is basically anti-femail and pays traitors like Pearson to peddle a line. The paper is run by male bastards.

Anonymous said...

bring back jaci whats er name

Anonymous said...

Let me get this right, a 19 year old girl is berated for being a size 10 by a old fat pig (Who has people running round her for excercise.)

Yup pot calling the kettle black.