Thursday, May 15, 2008

'Embezzlement of whale meat uncovered in Japan'

"Greenpeace presented evidence today in Tokyo of decades-old, widespread embezzlement of whale meat occuring under the noses of the public officials who run the whaling programme in Japan.

"The best cuts of whale meat, used to make whale bacon, are smuggled into crew cabins, preserved in salt, and then shipped home in boxes marked 'cardboard' or 'salted stuff' to be sold on the black market. We intercepted one such box -- worth up to US$3,000 -- and presented it to the Tokyo Prosecutor's office as evidence this morning.

"We have evidence that more than a ton of such whale meat was snuck from the whaling ship this year. One of our informants claims to have heard a crew member boast of building a house on the proceeds from his illegal take." Click here for more.

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