Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jonathan King: 'Buggering boys' on La Croisette

I asked Jonathan King how the Cannes Film Fest was for him - he took his movie Vile Pervert: The Musical out there. He replies ...

"Well Madame, Cannes was horrid - dreadful weather, awful traffic and packed with people I didn't know (I know everyone at Midem, the music convention). But I was interviewed a lot (once next to Omar Sharif and another time within yards of Harrison Ford) and the crowds looked bemused but amused as I swept up and down Le Croisette in my red Rolls Royce blasting "there's nothing wrong with buggering boys" at maximum volume to the assembled film queens!The movie has had over 18,000 full length online views in the 3 weeks since your kind review. "

Madame Arcati's review of Vile Pervert (and an excerpt with JK as Oscar Wilde in full singing voice), click here


Duralex said...

Ahem, ahem... Does Mr. King still hope that the European Court of Human Rights will accept to consider his case ? With that circus parade, as we say in French, "putain, c'est mal barré !" :-)))

Jonathan King said...

Indeed Duralex my case is still up for consideration this year by the ECHR. I don't intend to change my behaviour in order to seduce the judges. Que sera sera.