Thursday, May 29, 2008

Allison Pearson/Lobbett: Here comes the bride?

The new Private Eye applies its forensic mind to Allison Pearson's recent Mail response to Duchess Fergie's counter-attacks over the Princess Bea "fatso" saga. Mmm, interesting. No wonder the piece is titled "Porkies & Yorkies". Is there any particular point to the mag calling her "Allison Pearson (née Allison Lobbett)"? And a blog by Jonathan Calder (he also has a column in the New Statesman) recollects happy school days with one Allison Lobbett, her maiden name, click here. At a séance the other night I asked Vera - my guide in the next world: Will Allison ever marry (perhaps her partner Anthony Lane)? And Vera replied, cryptically: "But Allison knows already what it is to be married." What can she mean? Wikipedia, typically, fails to shed light on a Pearson "marriage". I can only assume that Vera is deluded. Or that "marriage" means something else in the spirit world. Truly Allison Pearson is the most intriguing of persons - Mata Hari-ish almost - which itself is unusual in a mere journalist.


Anonymous said...

Lobbett by name, Lobbett by nature?!

Anonymous said...

one of my friends is the first cousin of Christopher Biggins, that legendary panto dame and star of everyone's favourite show last year, I'M A CELEBRITY GET ME OUT OF HERE. That's a hard admission (and we applaud your therapist, Mark, for, yes, it is you) but even more extraordinarily Mark is claiming that Biggins's real surname is Lobbett and that Allison Pearson has for years been trying to hide the fact that she is Biggins's younger sister. Can this be true? (He claims she was the only girl he knew as a child who could burp at will). Facially, I suppose, they do indeed look the same but has anyone any more evidence than our mate Mark? I'd love to know

Madame Arcati said...

Oh honestly, that's the most unutterable nonsense. What kind of person would sit down and invent such an unlikely tale ... once upon a time Madame Arcati drew the creme de la creme of the blogosphere, all those cuntingly stupid cock-sucking Spacey fans, but now it only appeals to fantasists. I despair. still, I'll replicate this outlandish claim on the latest Pearson posting. I am in grave danger of being possessed by this remarkably ubiquitous woman who has relatives everywhere.