Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sharon Stone - how to lose $1 million +

Yum yum - home of the Beverly Hills silly billy

While the gorgeous 50-year-old Sharon Stone shows off her new hairstyle on Cannes’ red carpet – the Palais des Festivals really ought to bill her for her annual self-advertisements on their premises – and strikes faintly sexual poses with film auteur Madonna – I hear that she has put one of her properties back on the market.

Back in December 2006 she asked for $12.5m for her five-acre Mediterranean-style estate (which she has never lived in) in North Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, having bought it for $11m in March of that year. In a matter of months the property had increased in value by $1.5m, a view not shared by any prospective purchaser – despite the underground 15-car garage, meditation garden, French country-style guest house and tennis court with a $70,000 surface. She then withdrew it from sale.

Now she wants to flog it for $10m – and suffer a $1m loss even before adjustment for inflation and other made up financial factors. Let us pray that the deficit causes not too much of a dent to her value and that she finally finds a buyer.

Vulture's view of Shazza's unlived-in shelter

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