Friday, May 16, 2008

Tim Bentinck writes to Madame Arcati

The Archers' star Tim Bentinck has written to Madame Arcati following my piece on Wyndham Richardson's short movie (see labels) starring the actor ...

Dear Madame Arcati,

What a charming fellow that Wyndham is. It was a joy working with him and his crew, extremely professional, very patient, but knew exactly what he wanted. He'll go far!

Funny to think that anyone should imagine I was taking the rise out of the Archers. As WR mentioned, we tried a few characters out before arriving at Dorset. It's probably more Bristol to a local ear - my wife Judy and I bought a house in Totterdown after I left the Bristol Old Vic School and we lived in the city for over five years, so Don [the character he plays in the film] is based on Bristolian mates.

The Archers is just one of my jobs, I do loads of voice work of all different types, commercials, narratives, animation, cartoons, dubbing, re-voicing (recently replaced all of Gerard Depardieu's dialogue in a movie). Check out my website at for examples. Recently went Through The Keyhole with David Frost and will be appearing in Jack Dee's 'Lead Balloon' in the summer.

Thanks for the heads up Madame! xxxTim


Anonymous said...

mmm, he looks fuckable

Anonymous said...

not in the film he don't