Thursday, May 01, 2008

Facial discrimination? Get an op or the chop

Are you a victim of facial discrimination and want to sue? It’s an interesting question not posed in the latest edition of Director Magazine. Instead it tells us that 40% of members of the Institute of Directors admitted that they would consider a facial op to get a job or avoid the chop. I know I was once hired by a glossy mainly because of my (then) extraordinary pulchritude (and modesty).

But what if you’re an ugly cunt with a low-slung gob and a wonky eye, or just age-related wrinkles and a chin wattle? Well, perhaps the piece that’s drawn my attention is for you.

"There is no question that in the workplace, as everywhere else in society, facial discrimination exists," Rajiv Grover, Harley Street surgeon and secretary of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), tells the mag, presumably concealing a gleeful smirk. "Once, age and experience were considered the most important attributes when considering the right candidate for a job. Now, potential and stamina are equally important. So being young, or at least looking young, is essential for success."

In other words, despite age discrimination laws in the UK, we are gradually structuring our lives for ageism – something rampant we know, because young bosses want younger underlings over whom to cast a thin and inexperienced authority. So more and more youth conformists are opting for cosmetic enhancement, the sad mortgaged Stepford serfs that they are.

The piece is really a big ad for face-lifts – glossies are truly the whores of journalism – because at no point is this trend questioned or criticised.

Are you a victim of age discrimination? Click here on the law.

To read the Director piece, click here.

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