Monday, May 12, 2008

The Sean Penn party at Cannes

Only a few months ago big-cocked mummer Sean Penn was denying dating James Blunt's ex Petra Nemkova. Now I see the lovers are hosting the Sean Penn & Petra Nemkova Party at the Cannes Film Fest on Friday - well, he is president of the Palme d'Or jury after all. The bash is sponsored by the Crystal Club. Venue for crashers: The Carlton International Hotel, La Croisette, Cannes, 9-12pm (8pm to 11am BST)

(Or contact Kay Robinson, Crystal Club 020 7307 8481

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Adrianos said...

I`ve warmed to Sean Penn over the years, don`t know why !

Thanks Arcati , you have inspired me to launch `Stella Polari` with an opening story (all on one post) about polysexualism,spiritualism, drunkeness, domestic violence, financial irregularity, lycra. No, it`s not a soap - it`s your average spiritualist church !!!! LOL