Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Gore Vidal predicts an Obama shooting

Gore Vidal's in the UK for the lit fest season. And last night he was at the Intelligence 2 event at the Royal Geographical Society in Kensington for a public conversation with Melvyn Bragg (who has also dedicated another South Bank Show to the 82-year-old former rampant homo [he used to like rubbing tummies with pick-ups] and near-master author). Asked what Barack Obama must do to make him feel less sad to be an American, Vidal replied: "I'll be very sad when he's shot; I'd say he was in considerable danger." Perhaps Vidal's awful sciatica added lemon to his sharp tongue.

I notice that the Standard's Londoner's Diary, in its report on the chit-chat, describes Vidal as Jackie Kennedy's "cousin". In fact he and Jackie shared a stepfather through different mothers.

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