Friday, May 09, 2008

Who is Georgia Coleridge married to?

Dear Madame Arcati,

Are you interested to see that Georgia Coleridge, wife of Nicholas, is about to publish a book? Presumably the Seven Secrets for Successful Parenting does not include "Marry a mega-rich man who can own two properties and employ a nanny and afford to send children to posh boarding school" - since unlike her colleague, who is married to a financier, Georgia is only married to "the writer Nicholas Coleridge" and not the Managing Director of Conde Nast!

Pip, pip!
All about Georgia, here


Dear Anon

Thank you for drawing this to my attention. Actually, and quite accidentally, I was invited to Georgia's book party, which required the bringing along of one's child(ren) for tea, cake and a natter. As I am presently without issue (I call my womb "Appendix 2") I was tempted to borrow a few brats from friends but then thought better of the idea ... blogging has matured me a little and I have thrown away childish whims. I am happy to take it on trust that the Coleridges are highly desirable parents and that they set a fine example to us all, should we be interested in the expensive consequences of cock-cunting.

Best, MA x


Duralex said...

<< (I call my womb "Appendix 2") >>

Very funny indeed. Do you call your cock "Appendix Zero" ? ;-)))

Madame Arcati said...

Ah Duralex, I was only thinking of you today. My precognitive abilities are truly endowed.

Anonymous said...

Georgia is rather wonderful, as is Nicky, so lay off.

Duralex said...

<< Ah Duralex, I was only thinking of you today. >>

Should I be flattered?

Madame Arcati said...


Anonymous said...

Why are middle class people so obsessed with writing books telling other people how to look after their children?

Victor Olliver said...

Because they're cunties.