Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Keith Allen: Diana murdered again in Cannes

A gosser emails me: "Watch out for Keith Allen's mischief in Cannes. He launches a film in the annual rat fuck. British audiences will never get to see it for legal reasons - methinks it might be seen as treason. Never fear - the US distributors are salivating ... "

Mmm, this must be Keith's Diana movie-doc: like Mohamed Al Fayed, the Tesco-hating tart who popped his cherry at 11 and had sex with Janet Street-Porter on a snooker table once ... [that's enough goss, ed] thinks she and Dodi were murdered.

So, with Keith swaggering up and down La Croisette for Diana and Jonathan King there too, singing "There's nothing wrong with buggering boys" in his movie Vile Pervert: The Musical, this could be a most amusing Cannes.

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