Sunday, May 18, 2008

Carole Malone - screwing Cherie Blair

The News of the World's front-loading frother Carole Malone - her picture byline alone is an inspiration to gender realignment aspirants (either which way) - savages Cherie Blair over her "trashy memoirs" in the most ferocious terms, in a piece headlined "Cherie hasn't got a leg to stand on".* Another writ for libel must surely be headed towards the Screws from Mrs Booth QC.

The highly-paid Glenda writes: "How dignified was it to regale us with smutty details about her [Cherie's] sex life - how and where her children were conceived?" Indeed. But Carole won't really need reminding that two other newspapers in particluar did very well this week out of Cherie's undignified "smut", heaping a fortune on her for highly marketable serialisation rights - the Screws' own ugly sister papers, The Sun and The Times.

Carole must walk about with a nosegay before her tranned-up fizzog to avoid the noxious scent of these relatives.

* Should you be wondering about the leg reference - Carole likens Cherie to Heather Mills, widely mocked in the media for the misfortune of losing a leg. Carole is happy to persecute those with a disability in this fashion.


filomeno2006 said...

La Señora Blair elogia a Don Jose Maria Aznar y a Doña Ana Botella

Anonymous said...

Who cares what Malone thinks? I notice she uses the word doppelganger in her column - I don't think the average Screws reader would have got much passed that, do you? Malone's just a brassy northerner made good and only where she is now because of editor Colin Myler.

Anonymous said...

Ms malone said nothing that could possibly justify the issuing of a writ -- because everything she said was true