Monday, May 19, 2008

David Bowie - Sun story is 'absolute toss'

Gordon Smart’s Bizarre column in The Sun is all the better for his new-ish picture byline, now we're spared the sight of his over-long cuffs. But he must try to do better than his predecessor, the flinty-hearted Victoria Newton.

The other day Young Gord claimed that a David Bowie stage musical was in the making based on The Man Who Fell To Earth, to be directed by someone called Peter Schaufuss. For a moment I got quite excited at the prospect until I remembered the news source. Now Bowie has issued a response: "Absolute toss. I have no idea who Peter Schaufuss is either."

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Anonymous said...

Could it be the very same Peter Schaufuss of INTERNATIONAL ballet fame????? Bowie in tights? Let's do it!!!

Fish said...

I personally would love to see Bowie reprise his Goblin King role from Labyrinth, Jareth... big hair, excessive make-up and very very tight fitting trousers... maybe a musical of that, well it practically is a musical, but still...

Is it sad I used to wish the Goblin King would come and take my sister away? (when I was young of course... she may steal my clothes, but I love her to bits... sometimes.)

I hope you're well, my dear Madame, and see you've got the hang of embedding HTML codes now. Congrats!

Also, there's a new NH group, 'Nicholas Haslam's Darlings', on Facebook... if interested I shall send you the link.

Much love, and toasty regards,
Fish Inton x

Madame Arcati said...

Lovely to hear from you Fish - and I hope you are thriving.

Finally I understand html. Blogger's guidance proved to be useless; their bright wonks cannot think in normal terms and complicate everything. They need a plain thinking Madame to help them out.

Do send me the Haslam Darlings link: and the non-appearance of his memoirs still baffles.