Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Caligula a turn-on for John Gielgud

Dear Madame Arcati

Peter O'Toole told me that John Gielgud, on finding himself in Caligula directed by Tinto brass, came up to him and said 'Peter, do you think we're in a blue film?' John Gielgud later told me 'I was rather embarrassed by the whole thing but Helen Mirren seemed very much at home.' 'You mean, you didn't know what you were letting yourself in for?' 'Oh yes I did. It was a very amusing experience.' John loved to be embarrassed. It was the nearest he came to eroticism.

Best wishes, Duncan Fallowell

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lavinia said...

Before he met me, Reggie had a fling with Madeleine Carroll and she told him that on the set of Secret Agent she thought she was getting somewhere with Johnnie Gielgud but it turned out to be one of the earliest biros which he kept in his trouser pocket to do the Times crossword between takes. She said he only ever got one clue throughout the entire shoot.