Thursday, July 26, 2007

June Penn and her stinky-winky

Popbitch reminds us that one of Heather Mills’ neighbours in Hove, East Sussex, was media astrologer June Penn - Heather has now moved away from the coast. Astonishingly, the 80-plus Penn still plies her tack in the fast-declining People – a newspaper so pointless it may as well be merged with its sister the Sunday Mirror. According to Popbitch "June likes to do yoga on her bedroom balcony. She particularly likes doing this to Fatboy Slim records, as he is another close neighbour and she thinks it will make him happy."

Last time I visited Scorpio June at her white fort-styled beach home I nearly swooned at the stink therein. She allowed (allows?) her dog(s) to piss at will on the carpets, rewarding each jet with the mildest of reproofs. But once on the phone she was giving me the usual sweety-sweety talk when without warning she let rip the noisiest filthiest tirade I ever heard – I swear I developed short-term tinnitus in consequence. Whether her hostility was directed at the pissing dog or her husband (RIP?) I’m not sure. But a moment later she picked up the thread of our conversation as if nothing untoward had occurred.


Jagiello said...

June Penn is superb the best astrologer. I am so sad she has left the People.

Jaggiello said...

June Penn is a great seer and support so sorry she is retiring.