Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Old Moore's shines (again) - in the basking Sun

Yummy Katherine Bergen who edits The Sun's entertaining and informative The Whip column - I suspect she has doubled as one of the sexy naked beach girls on page 3 today - has further amplified the genius of Old Moore's Almanack by picking up where Madame Arcati left off, to put it politely. No sooner had I done my best for Moore's than beady-eyed and newly-inspired Katherine rushed to her news agents and bought a copy for further insights into Gordon Brown's Pisces-dominated horoscope - it is her top piece for Tuesday.

Old Moore's came out in June; in fact I felt a little guilty that my piece was sooooo late. So the Sun's timing is exquisitely coincidental.

While I have the paper in front of me, Katherine might want another little rip, er, I mean, tip off - the Great White Shark off Cornwall, that has replaced the apocalyptic floods on the front page, is a basking shark. My good friend the god Poseidon* told me.

*Poseidon explains: "A Basking shark [pictured] lives on tiny zooplankton which it filters out with modified gill rakers from vast quantities of sea water passing through its enormous mouth. A bit like The Sun in relation to zooplankton blogs."

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