Friday, July 20, 2007

Cash for honours: Dead tree media make it up

No one will be charged in the "cash for honours" case, the Crown Prosecution Service announced today. How disappointed many in the press must be as some of their fictions return to haunt them, and all because editors will insist on pressuring their minions to come up with an interesting line to get them through another day of sales. Sad.

"There is mounting expectation that the Crown Prosecution Service will bring charges against Mr Blair's former fundraiser Lord Levy and former No 10 gatekeeper Ruth Turner. Businessman Sir Christopher Evans could also be charged."
Daily Mail, Kirsty Walker July 7

"Mr Blair's chief fundraiser Lord Levy, No 10 gatekeeper Ruth Turner and millionaire Sir Christopher Evans are expected to be informed of the decision to press charges late next month. All three are on police bail."
Daily Mail, Jane Merrick, June 30

"Lord Levy will be charged in the 'cash for honours' affair, according to close aides of Tony Blair. Members of the former prime minister's inner circle, who were closely involved in the nomination of millionaire Labour donors for honours, have told friends that they believe the peer will not escape prosecution."
Independent on Sunday, Marie Woolf, POLITICAL EDITOR, July 8

"Mr Blair's chief fundraiser Lord Levy and millionaire businessman Sir Christopher Evans are also expected to be charged."
The News of the World, Ian Kirby, political editor, July 8, 2007

"SCOTLAND YARD detectives believe they have amassed sufficient evidence for Jonathan Powell, the prime minister’s most senior aide, to be charged over an alleged cover-up in the cash for honours scandal."
The Sunday Times, Robert Winnett and David Leppard, April 22

"Two of Tony Blair's most trusted former aides are set to be charged over the cash-for-honours affair."
Evening Standard, June 30

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Anonymous said...

To be fair, a good number of dead tree correspondents also said there would be no charges. Unlike the right wing bloggers, and most of all the boastful Paul Staines, who were convinced there would and started taking bets out with their newspaper, magazine and tv counterparts...