Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Paul Gascoigne: Has he done a Final Runner?

A few months ago it was reported that alcoholic former footballer Paul Gascoigne was to star in sci-fi fantasy movie Final Run. Described as a cross between Black Hawk Down and Alien, it is set in the aftermath of an alien invasion of Earth in the near future. Gazza was to play a misguided survivor torn between his own future and humanity’s. SJB Imperial Film are the producers along with Gazza himself. Final Run was expected to be in the cinemas in early 2008.

But then Gazza became unwell. The shoot had to be postponed for him to convalesce from a stomach op – “photography pushed back until Oct 3, '07,” claims. But I hear from a source that all is not well and that Gazza is no longer involved in the movie. On the imdb cast list he’s named but not attached to a character. I also notice that Ray Winstone’s daughter Lois Winstone – heralded as a sign-up – is not listed at all.

Pity. The intro trailer for the movie looks interesting in a jerky, juddery, sleight-of-hand sort of way [click here].

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