Friday, July 27, 2007

Madame Arcati on Wikipedia

Someone has gone to the bother of writing a short piece about the Madame Arcati blog on Wikipedia. It could have been more exciting - I have broken quite a few stories, y'know - but I suppose we all start out on a spermatazoan dream. [click here]


Liz said...

Wiki is great. One of my enemies wrote a long screed bigging himself up and I bet he's mortified that it's been marked for deletion with the comment: "A person of no sourced notability".

But my entry is bigger than yours MA. So there!

Arcati said...

I'd like to know who wrote the Arcati entry - do they have a writing staff? The tone of the Arcati piece is neutal.

Liz said...

To find out whodunnit click on the history button on the page

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