Monday, July 23, 2007

Madame Arcati's mini-mes: Part 2

Dear Madame,

Madame, there are at least two Madame Arcatis on Facebook. One of them has the likes of Fish Inton, Jon Snow, Precious Williams, Victoria Aitken and Nirpal Dhaliwal as Friends. The other one has Mark McGowan and Katy Evans-Bush as Friends. I'd imagine one of these Facebook personas is the real you. Which one?


Dear Anonymous,

The former Madame Arcati is simply going through my blog and then approaching featured names - Snow et al - to join their Facebook - she/he/it is a fraud. I don't know about the other one - sounds like me, but Facebook is such a joke I can't be bothered to think about it.

The tragic Fire Island relic on My Space does the same - except he lifts my music ideas and other things then features them as videos. I am the new Judy Garland/Dorothy Squires to this cliche queen.

MA x


Anonymous said...

Are Victoria Aitken and Nirpal Smellywell even Madame's frenemies?

Arcati said...

Smellywell I have mentioned a couple of times and Aitken is on my death list - I am trying to decide whether to deal with her or not.

Anonymous said...

Last I heard of Victoria Aitken, she was trying to release a hip-hop CD. I also heard, from Freddie Windsor, that Victoria was planning on getting some facial plastic surgery. Not sure which parts of her face specifically. Her entire visage could use work.

Anonymous said...

She looks great. Why would she be on anybody's death wish ?