Tuesday, July 17, 2007

McGowan Jr to destroy all 194 world leaders

Controversial performance artist Mark McGowan is off to Austria, to the town of Bregenz to do a performance this Saturday and Sunday with his five year-old son Benjamin. McGowan is to assist his son in putting various tapes, gags, apples etc into the mouths and across the mouths of all 194 world political leaders. The A4 photographs are to be mounted on a massive wall made of cardboard. Benjamin will then make a catapult and fire balls of paper soaked in multi-coloured paints, tomatoes and eggs. And then Ben will set fire to the whole thing.

McGowan says: "It's really quite a scary sight when you see all the world's leaders pictures side-by-side, they range from frightening-looking Arabs, scary Africans, horrible looking Western and European, the likes of Brown, Bush, Mugabe, Howard, the Syrian guy, the North Korean etc. It's just an amazingly scary massive wall of power madness, their eyes penetrate you. In fact they could all be lizards. Ben is really looking forward to it."


Claire said...

I hope they didn't forget Sarkozy. Anyway, I prefer Noel Godin's cream pies, much more fun.

Duralex said...

The least that can be said is that the "Gloupier" is more courageous than Mr McGowan : he strikes his victims "in the flesh".