Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Poll: Daniel Radcliffe's penis - is it or isn't it?

In the Madame Arcati exclusive poll on Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe and the condition of his penis, I asked: Is he cut or uncut? An overwhelming majority of the 625 people who took part decided that he is uncut. Final result:

Cut 133 (21%)
Uncut 492 (78%)

To decide for yourself, follow the label below. My thanks to all who took part. Other polls of an original nature to follow.


Duralex said...

Needless to thank me, chérie, for I didn't take part in it - who do you think I am ? :-)

I've already given my opinion about how easily you can deceive the gullible hoi polloi with a fake picture or an unfounded rumor, but in this particular case remaining at this point would be somewhat superficial. If I were you, I'd be very suspicious and critical about the psychological, sociological, ideological, and even political meaning of this result. There's for sure a lot more to say. Get me ? I'm waiting for your sharp analysis, now. Don't dodge the subject this time, please.

<< Other polls of an original nature to follow. >>

If your purpose is to demonstrate that a poll doesn't make a truth, bravo !... Do you know that in our educated Western societies, about 25% of the people still believe the Sun goes round the Earth ?

Arcati said...

Satire takes many forms.

Duralex said...

OK, that's the beginning. Go ahead !

Anonymous said...

his penis is huge!!!!